1. Blazing Hearts

From the recording Blazing Hearts

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Blazing Hearts
Written By Mike Hernandez

Passions around in the city, notice their sounds
Momentum steady
Coming around, I say I’m ready
Your love is loud and it holds sincere throughout the atmosphere
Cascades down endless sky-light
So be it till the burning end of night

I once crawled in despair but you pulled me through just like you always do
Stay late
Don’t ever leave my sight
Feel it till the burning end of night

Sing a song and pass along bright flowers
In the gardens, a blaze lights up in colors
And the time is right
Our fire ignites

We walk direct to fan the flames desired
Two hearts detect the same beats to conspire
And the night is right

Lit up like the sun
One by one love
Now life has begun

So be it
Fields on fire
So feel it
Blazed in desire
So be it till the burning end of the night